Food Recognition

The cooktop has an arrangement of sensors under the glass, allowing it to recognize pots, pans, or food placed on the surface. It can then define a perfectly shaped heating region, with no wasted heat.


If a cut of meat is not of uniform thickness, the HotSpot can automatically create a heating gradient, applying more heat to the thick side and less to the thin side. Your food is cooked evenly, instead of merely heated evenly.


The touchscreen is more than just a screen that displays recipes. The recipes can be changed dynamically as you cook, and automatically customized for your personal tastes.

Pixelated Grill

HotSpot consists of an array of independently controlled heating cells. The heating regions are either manually defined through the touch screen, or else automatically defined by the embedded sensors.


Each cell contains a heating element and a sensor. The cooktop delivers as much power as a conventional stove, and the sensors detect pots, pans, and food on the cooking surface, enabling a suite of “AssistiveCooking” applications.

Touchscreen Interface

Our touchscreen interface is the ultimate cooking assistant. In one convenient location, you can control the temperature of any item, set a new heating region, watch a step-by-step guided recipe, or make use of all the great AssistiveCooking applications.

Create as many different regions as you want, the HotSpot CookTop gives you complete control over the cooking experience